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About Me

My background

I have the great fortune to have been born into a multi-racial American family. My birthplace was Seoul, South Korea at the 101st Evacuation Hospital on the Yongsan Army Base. I'm the youngest of two children. My parents moved us to Texas soon after I was born and this is where I grew up and made my home for my own children. In fact, I didn't leave Texas for any great length of time until I moved to Oregon in 2009. 

My writing roots

 It was while I was in Oregon in 2010 that I suffered a serious injury that actually turned out to be the catalyst for my writing. I was at a very low spot emotionally following two serious and debilitating surgeries to my neck and back. I was suffering from a painful and long recovery which kept me immobile, for the most part. I really felt sorry for myself during that time. Thankfully, my husband and best friend, Michael, brought me my laptop and introduced me to some tough love. "You've got to get busy doing something. You can't sit in that chair and feel sorry for yourself any more. You've always wanted to write, so write!". His strength, love, and determination that I would feel better helped me to get moving. The Gingerly and the Writing is a Process series both were created during that time, along with dozens of other books I've written. I thank Michael for all of his help, love, and support which he continues to share with me to this day.

Never underestimate the power of God's plan for you. Just when I was at my lowest, He opened the window for my creative side to bloom. And, He gave Michael the wisdom to know just what I needed to hear at the exact moment I needed to hear it. Since then, I have written over 60 children's books and am currently working on many more along with several books for older readers. And, I have been able to help many new authors get started on their own journeys through my Write Now! seminars.

Life is a blessing. Enjoy every minute. Take the time to tell your own story

My style

My writing style is one of truth and understanding. One of my main goals is to open the line of communication between the young reader/listener and the older parent/caregiver/teacher. Oftentimes, children are confused by current issues. Topics like Autism, Alzheimer's, immigration, racial tolerance, socially acceptable behaviors, and more seem like a foreign language to the young (and many times to the older people, too). 

As an elementary and intermediate school teacher, I found that one of the best ways to build a bridge to understanding with my students was through great books. It is with that idea in mind that I write. And, it is my hope that when read together, my books lead both the reader and the audience to ask the right questions, to hear the truth behind labels, and to start an honest discussion about the given topic. I do not try to sway readers to one side of an issue or to the other; I tell a story and let the reader decide where they stand. However, audiences should keep in mind that I am a Christian American who is happily married and who has a wonderful extended family. Therefore, my books can't help but reflect my own values and ideas based on my upbringing and on my lifestyle. I am confident that most people will find my stories enjoyable. informative, and helpful. 


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